Thursday, June 19, 2014

Regain of Memory

 Prakash Tulsi Singh Parmar
202-Akansha Sai Nagar-Vasai , Mumbai.

Salutations to Lotus Feets of Gurudev due to whom my way of life changed

In December 2010 I suffered from Mental Fever. I showed to number of Doctors but there was no relief. Tuberculosis was detected in MRI done at Mumbai's Hinduja Hospital. In simple language Memory got blank. I could not remember any thing. Doctors said you could die in some months as there was no treatment for this disease.

One of our known person Jagdish Bhai from Thana district were known to us told about Gurudev and who took us to Vasai Ashram. I was initiated by CD. There Jeewan Bhai tried to explain us about Gurudev Siddha Yoga but I could not understand neither I could rely. However I was doing Gurudev's Nam Jap and Meditation regularly. Gradually my situation started improving and started going to Vasai Ashram regularly. After one month I got tested amazingly Doctor reduced the medicine doze and said its miracle. What you are doing. Now I am OK and doing my business well. All due to Gurudev 's Grace

Courtesy - Spiritual Science Magazine May 2014


 Salil Dhananjay
Goregaon West Mumbai

I Salil Dhananjay resident of Goregaon West Mumbai had been suffering from no. of drastic diseases like Parkinsons , sizonephia and Accu Depression. I had shown to no. of Doctors including Neurologists Physicians and Psychologists but there was no hope of getting relief.

In 2009 I met Sh. Navneet Ji Hingu who gave me brief description of Guru Siyag's Siddha Yoga. After that I went to Gurudev 's Vasai Ashram and took Mantra Initiation through CD. Due to poor mental condition I was unable to do Mantra Jap or Meditation. My condition was getting worsened and people closed to me look pity over me.

After certain period of time I started doing regular meditation and Mantra Jap. Now started feeling somewhat better after few days. With the lapse of time my condition started improving and my financial condition also got better. I got consultancy job from no. of companies and environment at my home also gradually improved. All due to Gurudev's Grace.

I firmly believe that any type of problem can be solved through Gurudev s Grace. I request all my Guru Brothers and Sisters to deliver Gurudev s message to max. no. of people so that every one can be benefited

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Indian Army

I am Durraswami working in Indian Army. When my wife had gone for pregnancy test she was found to have HIV +ve. This test was carried in Jammu 166 MH in the year February 2009. When I was also tested I had found symptoms of similar disease. By May 2009 my condition started deteriorating and used to have fever and diarrhea. My body was getting very weak and had no desire of being hungry. During February I weighed 60kg which was now reduced to 51kg in May.

Now I was admitted in MHCTC Pune in June 2009 where Nayab Subedar Sh. Sushil Kumar came to me and handed over Gurudev 's pamphlet and photograph and asked me to do meditation on Gurudev's photograph

I had no faith but Sh. Sushil Kumar used to come to meet me daily in the morning and evening. He cared about me too much for fifteen days I used to mediate daily for 15min. Surprisingly my weight increased by 10 kg. Now I started walking and started going in the garden where daily a meditation was organised. There I took mantra initiation through Gurudev s CD. My wife is also meditation and she is also feeling better due to Gurudev s Grace. My Salutations to Gurudev infinite times

Courtesy - Spiritual Science Magazine May 2014.